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The New Year has dawned and you may have spent some time thinking about how you’d like to improve your business, and hopefully, your life, over the next year. You may have even written these goals down – which we highly recommend, in the annual ritual that many of our clients follow.

This first step is very important: though we tend to think that managing day-to-day tasks is the job of a time-management program, a well-defined list of goals is crucial to build upon.

But once you’ve created your list of goals, where they are kept is crucial to their achievement. How so?

You’d think that having written down your goals is enough, right?

Once your goals are on paper, you should be able to remember them. Well, maybe.

The very act of committing them to paper helps inscribe them a little deeper in your brain. But the reality is this: that list may end up under a pile of papers on your desk at home, or could get lost in a remote computer file, and you’ll forget them after a surprisingly short amount of time. They’ll become a nagging but distant memory – replaced by the daily grind of new priorities that show up on a regular basis.

Because your goals are hidden from sight, your stressed, exhausted brain will spend more time thinking about where to go for lunch than how to make your goals a reality. So, how do you remember the big goals when so many small things are fighting for real estate in your brain?

There are two ways: one, put your goals in a folder and look at the folder once a week when you plan your week. Or, two, put them in a prominent place where you can see them everyday – and then refer to them when you plan your week. Either way, you must refer to them when doing your weekly planning, or won’t make your daily actions line up with your big goals. It’s that simple.

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This article was written by an Atticus staff member.

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