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Are you creating the life that you desire or are you neglecting simple elements that could transform your entire being? If you want to create a wonderful life, it starts with the process of gratitude – being thankful, showing appreciation, and focusing on the good. Would you be surprised if we said that gratitude is a form of self-care?

Practicing gratitude on a regular basis has been associated with enhanced optimism, better sleep, fewer physical ailments, and lower levels of anxiety and depression.

If you have neglected your self-care, we get it. With difficult clients, billable hours, court deadlines, and added stress, gratitude may seem far out of reach. But the process of gratitude for you, as an attorney, holds an immense amount of power.

What can you do, this month, National Gratitude Month, and moving forward, that will pave the way for consistent gratitude? Set boundaries, delegate, take time off, and create a gratitude journal.

Set boundaries:
Setting boundaries and developing the skill of saying “no” in both your law practice and personal life can be challenging, but the end result is transformative.

Find little ways you can set boundaries throughout your week – spend weekends with your family and friends instead of inside the office, set aside time for legal work with no interruptions, or turn off your email notifications at home (if this is possible for you).

Delegating as an attorney can be very taxing at times. Finding the right person at the right time can be difficult, and why add more frustration when you can do everything yourself? The reality is, being a one-man team is what leads to neglecting self-care. Keep in mind that you are creating and building a legacy. If you want your team to be trusted, you have to provide them with the opportunity to show that they can be.

Delegating can be an exceptional way to build gratefulness. Is there someone on your team that you trust to handle clients while you focus on important, legal work? Is there a team member that does an exceptional job with all of the admin work so you can focus on items that can’t be delegated? What can your team do to show they are reliable and how will you show appreciation for them during the time you need them the most?

Take time off:
Taking time off as an attorney may be as complicated as it sounds, but stepping away from the office (even for a half day) can renew your perspective and provide you with fresh insights when you return. Taking time off can shift your thought process and provide you with a new sense of being. Are you grateful for your team that handled business while you were out? Were you grateful that you didn’t have to work while you focused on family time? Were you able to come back with new ideas and a new sense of creativity?

Create a gratitude journal:
As you start this process of gratitude, you may want to grab a notebook or journal and jot down 3-5 things you are grateful for daily. Take this time to reflect on the positive elements of your day as an attorney. Acknowledge your achievements or your successes as a law firm unit. Incorporating gratitude is a skill and it takes time. Start making small changes to improve not only your self-care, but your outlook on life and well-being of both a successful attorney and business owner.

Are you looking to improve sleep, your mood, your behavior, your mindset, and turbocharge your self-esteem? Apply the self-care practice of gratitude to your daily life. If you would like more ideas on how you can improve gratitude, you can schedule a free 15 or 30-minute consultation and let us be your guide.

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Abbie Guerrero

Assistant Marketing Manager/Resource Advisor

Abbie joined the Atticus team in 2021 with more than a decade of digital marketing experience. She is results driven and has an extensive background in content creation, lead generation, understanding the customer development process, solving problems, and advertising. She is an expert at building relationships and sets high quality expectations. She loves to set and exceed personal and professional goals.

Abbie is currently the Resource Advisor for Atticus livestream webinars and workshops. In addition to her Resource Advisor role, she is the Assistant Marketing Manager. In this role she leads the strategy for digital marketing, creates content for weekly newsletters, all advertising campaigns and executes many ad hoc marketing projects.

Abbie has her bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Utah Valley University. She is a blogger and published author and enjoys spending time with her family in both Utah and California.

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