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In this episode, Steve hands the reins over to Victor Medina who sits down with Jonathan White. 

Creating a thriving law practice can be a daunting task, especially when faced with the challenge of making that first hire. Jonathan White knows this all too well. We journey through the struggles, triumphs, and lessons Jonathan experienced while building his practice. Our conversation delves deep into the importance of strong leadership, a positive culture, and the ability to turn fears into stepping stones.

Jonathan shares his intriguing journey from working at the Attorney General’s Office right out of law school to founding his own practice. He walks us through the hurdles he faced while making his first hire, accepting challenges, and even writing a large check to be sent to a PAC he disagreed with if he didn’t accomplish a goal he set for himself. 

In our deep dive, Jonathan reveals how he managed to reframe risks and glean from other attorneys’ experiences, perfecting his hiring process. He sheds light on the critical role a supportive team plays on an entrepreneur’s journey and a practical lesson he learned about hiring. As we draw our conversation to a close, Jonathan shares that his next goal is to join the ‘Double Comma Club.’  Don’t know what that is? Listen to find out!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Jonathan’s passion for both Law School and Law Practice
  • The reason Jonathan decided he had to leave the big firm he was working for
  • How Jonathan started his business and how his original business plan looks nothing like his current Practice
  • The three biggest hurdles Jonathan faced when he started his practice.
  • The challenge Victor issued Jonathan to hire and retain at least one employee, and what the consequence would be if he didn’t
  • How his education and career set him up for success as a courtroom attorney, but not as a team leader
  • How to filter out poor-fit applicants before they even make their first contact
  • Jonathan’s plans to join the ‘Double Comma Club’ and what that means

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Steve Riley has coached attorneys for more than 20 years. His one-on-one coaching focuses on a limited number of top producing attorneys committed to taking their practices to new levels of excellence, profit, and personal success. He also presents at group coaching workshops around the country for individual law firms, state bar associations, and other legal organizations.

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