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Take your law firm to the next level

If you want to make more money, work fewer hours, and greatly reduce your stress while growing a law firm, the solution is to apply to the Practice Growth Program®. Once approved, you’ll create significant changes in your practice and in your personal life by learning from the nation’s leading practice management experts how to:
  • Focus energy and time on your most profitable actions – not overwhelming to‐do lists.
  • Build a referral network that sends you better clients – and more of them.
  • Hire and develop an all‐star team that shares your core values and goals.
  • Create profit centers in your firm that generate revenue – even when you aren’t there.

Growing a thriving firm requires a deep understanding of how your communication and management styles impact your business. That insight begins with the Practice Growth Diagnostic.

Members radically increase profitability while decreasing their frustrations. The key to a successful practice is at your fingertips. All you have to do is use it.



The 5 Challenges of the Practice Growth Program®

Are you the kind of attorney who can achieve The 5 Challenges? Can you commit to doing what’s necessary to:
  1. Increase Gross Revenue by 30%
  2. Increase Profit Margin by 30%
  3. Increase average fee per file by 20%
  4. Implement Key Law Firm Systems, (time management, marketing, staffing, and cashflow)
  5. More Free Time, 25% less time in the office (no weekends, 2 weeks vacation, and more)


Learn how the Practice Growth Program® will transform your practice, increase revenue, streamline productivity, and provide you with the tools to maintain a lasting competitive edge.



Read what real participants of the Practice Growth Program® are saying.

I've had a particular number goal in the back of my mind and in my heart for the last ten years and we just met it, and it’s at least three times where I was five years ago. If you’re serious about changing your life and your practice and having the practice serve your life as well as serve your clients, you’re crazy not to try it. [Practice Growth Program]

Dave Frisse Frisse & Brewster

It's been a wonderful growth opportunity [Practice Growth Program] – an eye opener for me and for my firm as a result. Don’t sit on the fence very long if you really want to make a change in your life – the quality of your life and the quality of your practice. Go ahead and do it now. Don’t wait.

Kim King King & Wood Attorneys at Law

I will tell you that the most impactful thing that I have done is really change my perception of myself and my role in my business. Absolutely without question the best investment I have ever made. [Practice Growth Program]

Michele Fuller Michigan Law Center

It's really drawn a clear picture of what I will benefit most on and they’ve given me a roadmap of how to accomplish that [Practice Growth Program]. I’ve done past programs where I’ve come in with lots of ideas and nothing to be said about it. I had a notebook full of ideas and nothing happens. Here there is a clear path of how to do it, and second I would say it’s accountability to get it done.

Ronnie Morton Morton Law Firm, PLLC

The Cash Flow Focuser helped us to get focused on what was in the pipeline and how we could attack it. Be ready to learn how to work smarter instead of just harder, harder and harder and getting frustrated. This program [Practice Growth Program] helps you to work smarter and gives you the tools to do it.

Patti Paz Team Leader, Idaho Estate Planning

I've taken away the hiring and firing process by learning how to hire and how to conduct interviews, so that was really key for me. Also putting into place a bonus structure. Without a shadow of a doubt it [Practice Growth Program] has changed my practice tremendously. It would not have grown had I not participated in this.

Mindy Felinton Elder Law & Estate Planning Centers

If you really participate in this program [Practice Growth Program], you are focused and you are accountable on the things that make you money, the things that don't make you money, and the things that you should be doing and the things that other people should be doing. Be ready to play a bigger game than you used to play. You're going to be using tools where you can’t fool yourself.

Mark Bobotek Golden Oak Elder Law P.C.

I think that most of the advice that comes out of this type of group workshop [Practice Growth Program] is some things that are implementable right away and they make a very significant difference in not only my practice but also my life.

Ana Veliz Miami Medicaid Law

What we’ve been able to do is…I’ve been able to take weekends off, which was always a bonus because before I started the program I wasn’t able to do so, so that’s been a real help to me personally. I would strongly recommend anybody who’s trying to get to the next level of their practice to consider this program [Practice Growth Program].

Kevin Urbatsch Urbatsch Law Firm P.C.

Move your practice forward

Invest 1 hour a month to fuel your law firm’s future.

The Practice Growth Series™ provides law firm owners with strategies, processes, techniques, and guidance directly from the Atticus coaching curriculum.


Your Practice Advisor Facilitators

The right coach is worth their weight in gold, and you’ll have the best in the legal profession.

Having a knowledgeable, experienced coach is one of the biggest competitive advantages you can have. Coaching keeps you focused on the most leveraged actions, guides you through difficult challenges, and speeds up your ability to produce important results.

Shawn McNalis
Practice Advisor Trainer / Curriculum Director
Glenn Finch
Senior Practice Advisor
Cammie Hauser
Certified Practice Advisor
Glenn Gutek
Certified Practice Advisor
Patrick Wilson
Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney
Mark Metzger
Adjunct Practice Advisor & Attorney
Chris Murphy
Adjunct Practice Advisor


Practice management systems that have helped 20,000+ attorneys build top-performing law firms

You’re probably great at the law side of running your practice. You’re constantly working in overdrive to stay on top of a growing to-do list, win cases, and satisfy clients. But are you happy? Are you running your practice efficiently and effectively?


The Practice Growth Program® focuses on:

  • Doubling your firm’s revenue year-after-year.
  • Attracting A+ clients that YOU enjoy.
  • Creating an efficient business process, allowing you long weekends and more time off.
  • Creating a supportive staff team who make your life easier and help the practice to run smoothly.


Atticus can help YOU create the practice and life you want.

Unmatched Experience

For nearly three decades, Atticus has been transforming law practices through effective practice management coaching. We are the most experienced and successful practice management coaching agency in the country.

Targeted Focus

Atticus has trained over 20,000 attorneys at law firms, bar associations, and private organizations serving the legal profession. The fact that we only coach lawyers makes us unique in the business coaching arena.

Proven Results

Atticus' coaching programs and workshops have successfully helped thousands of attornys to increase personal income and gross revenue, reduce stress and working hours, develop greater career satisfaction, and a healthy work/life balance.


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