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Have you ever wondered how it feels to wear a judge’s robes and make decisions that impact lives? Or pondered the challenges faced by an appellate judge in aligning their decisions with the body of law without causing unintended consequences?

On today’s episode of Great Practice, Great Life, join Steve as he sits down for a riveting conversation with Chief Judge Mark W. Klingensmith, Chief Appellate Judge of the Sixth District Court of Appeal in Florida, and explore his fascinating career transition from a trial lawyer to a respected judge.

Step into Chief Judge Klingensmith’s shoes as he shares his career path, passion for litigation, and the intellectual stimulation it offers. Listen as he shares his first assignment in handling a high-profile murder case and reflects on the importance of good lawyers stepping up to be part of the judicial process. Our conversation also delves into the day-to-day responsibilities of a judge, revealing the number of cases they typically handle in a week and the additional work that goes on outside of court. 

As Chief Judge Klingensmith’s story continues, we uncover the unique challenges of being an appellate judge, their role in consistency with the body of law, and the precision required in language to avoid unforeseen outcomes. Chief Judge Klingensmith’s appreciation for the role of a judge in the legal system and his understanding of lawyers’ lives offer a unique perspective on the litigation process and the analytical skills necessary for the job.

Sit back and tune in for an enlightening conversation with a seasoned judge who offers a fresh perspective on the legal system and its stewards.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Chief Judge Mark W. Klingensmith’s journey from being a trial lawyer to becoming an appellate judge in the Sixth District Court of Appeal in Florida
  • Chief Judge Klingensmith’s complex considerations and meticulous work behind his day-to-day responsibilities as an appellate judge
  • The importance of precision in language to avoid unintended implications
  • An inside look into the litigation process from a judge’s perspective and the challenges and rewards of transitioning from private practice to the bench
  • The number of cases a judge typically handles in a week and the workload outside of court
  • The intellectual component of being an appellate judge and the need for decisions that are consistent with the body of law
  • Insights into a judge’s world and understanding the lives of lawyers to make the practice of law more accessible
  • Chief Judge Klingensmith’s commitment to public service and the importance of lifelong learning in his career

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