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Shawn McNalisThe quality of your practice is dictated by two things, the quality of your clients and the quality of your staff. While we’ve talked a lot about the quality of your clients, we’re going to take time now to talk about the quality of your team. Shawn McNalis, Senior Practice Advisor, is joined by Atticus® Practice Advisors Regina Olbinsky and Nora Bergman .

We know from having worked with thousands of attorneys that most of them struggle to find the people they need. And once they find the right person, motivating them to do their job is the next hurdle they face. Then there are those attorneys who are carrying team members whose personality, character or work habits make them a bad fit for the firm. Despite the fact that they aren’t right for the job, these team members are often allowed to stay in their positions for years – while the attorney agonizes over firing them.

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