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As the business environment settles into a remote marketplace, it’s time to reassess your marketing plans and strengthen your law firm’s position as a leader in the community.

Use social media and email to connect with your audience by sending them current videos and articles such as: how to set up at-home Zoom calls; virtual shopping tips and recipes; stay-at-home cost-savings ideas; how to work as a family at home; resources for homeschooling; and more.

Step up your involvement in the community and support small, local businesses. Nothing buys goodwill like goodwill, so use your energy and your resources for the good of others and make a statement.

Launch a local campaign by purchasing gift cards to small businesses and restaurants and pledge a matching gift card in return. Or, match a donors’ gift with the same amount in their name.

Support your first responders by offering free or reduced legal services and help to make a difference in their lives. Donate lunches, provided by a local restaurant, to a local fire station or hospital emergency room.

Consider sending care packages to your clients, referrals, and prospects – a simple item like hand sanitizer or a face mask sewn by a local tailor are items that everyone can use.

How about virtual dinner and drinks? Send a Grubhub gift card to clients and have dinner together over Zoom! Talk about their lives and their family and be there for them.

Remember to refresh and renew your marketing plans often and continue to get the word out that you’re open. By using this remote time wisely to find new clients and connect with others you’ll remain top of mind. The most important image you and your practice can project right now is that of the friend, the advisor and the remote legal office of choice.

Steve Riley

Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney

Steve Riley has coached attorneys for more than 20 years. His one-on-one coaching focuses on a limited number of top producing attorneys committed to taking their practices to new levels of excellence, profit, and personal success. He also presents at group coaching workshops around the country for individual law firms, state bar associations, and other legal organizations.

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