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An open letter from Florida Barmembers to the Florida Bar…

Florida’s lawyers have always been leaders in our communities. We only need look to our churches and synagogues, our community organizations, and our political offices to realize this fact. There is something about this profession that attracts people who are leaders, people who want their lives to be a contribution to others. But given the stresses of our everyday lives, it has been difficult at times to find the time or energy to express that commitment to our communities, our family, and even to our own well being. Our days are often filled with client’s problems, staff issues, constant interruptions, trying to adapt our law office to new technology, and trying to have some semblance of balance with our personal lives.

In April 1999, Howard Coker, the immediate past president of The Florida Bar was quoted as saying the following, “Like attorneys from around the country, our members are experiencing greater stresses at the office and finding less time to spend with their families or personal issues.” Howard Coker, along with Jack Harkness, the Executive Director of the FL BAR, and especially leaders of the Practice Management and Development Section, Walter Aye and Greg Hearing took decisive action in response to those critical needs.

The undersigned are writing this letter to thank you, the leadership of the Florida Bar and PMDS, for listening to our frustrations, providing guidance and direction, and for finding creative solutions to our challenges. In particular, we would like to thank you for bringing Atticus® to the members of the Florida Bar. Although this is only the first anniversary of that relationship, many of us will tell you that our lives have been changed for the better. There is an excitement about our future, and the future of the legal profession. Because of Atticus®, we are taking back control of our law practices, increasing our revenues, decreasing our work hours, focusing more on our personal health, and learning how to achieve a greater balance in our lives.

In closing, thank you for listening to our professional concerns and thank you for being responsive to our needs.


Gwen Adkins
Mark Allsworth
Walter Aye
Lee Bernbaum
Alan Bookman
Howard A. Caplan
Jose A Casal
Carl A. Cascio
Jules S. Cohen
Phillip L. Coller
Robert L. Crane
Terrence T. Dariotis
John Dennison
Scott P. Distasio
Jim Dodson
Luanne Eagle Ferguson
Mike Echevarria
B. Lee Elam
Stephen F. Ellis
Dykes Everett
Mitchell C. Fogel
Nestor B. Gorfinkel
Patrick L. Goss
Nicholas H. Hagoort, Jr.
Gregory Hearing
Robert Heath
Richard Johnson
Det H. Joks
Phillip Jones
Mark C. Lang
Lewis J. Levey
Dennis J. Levine
David Joel Lilliesand
Art Louv
Jim Lupino
Thomas Marks
Jodi A. Miles
Mary V. Palumbo
John W. Perloff
Jeffrey S. Raynor
Clifford R. Rhoades
Steve Riley
H.D. Robuck
Victor Santiago
James Scarmozzino
Linda D. Schoonover
James O. Shelfer
David Slachter
Stephen J. Straley
Howard Stross
Brian Sutter
James E. Wade III
Ronald D. Waller
James M. Weaver
Dennis L. Webb
Charles Wilder
Ester Zaretsky

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This article was written by an Atticus staff member.

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