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Don’t build a page, build a profile

Facebook has a “profile” option for business and corporation use which allows you to create a presence for your law firm unconnected to your personal page. If you want to keep your personal page personal (we recommend this) don’t link the two. And configure your security settings to disallow those who aren’t already friends to view your information.

Dress up the Welcome section of your firm’s Facebook profile

Import an image – possibly from your website – which echoes the look and feel of your website but has a slightly more casual attitude. You may use a picture of yourself, your team, or your partners. Some firms opt for a picture of their building; but since Facebook is a more personal medium, it is better to focus on people rather than the architecture.

Dedicate a trusted person in your firm to Manage It

Assign a paralegal or marketing assistant to be the official administrator for the firm’s Facebook profile. Once the site is built, it will be their job to meet with you at least once a week to get your direction on posting notices, uploading pictures of events and monitoring the postings of others. The administrator should set themselves up to receive an e-mail whenever anyone has posted anything on the firm’s wall – this way they can immediately remove an offensive posting, or forward a comment to the appropriate person for a response.

Remember to post helpful information on your profile

Post other items such as links to articles of interest to your clients and/or referral sources. Don’t make the site one that focuses only on self-promotion.

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