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As a new lawyer, it can be challenging to establish yourself in a specific area of expertise where you can thrive. Many new lawyers accept any available work that comes their way, even if it means settling for more minor cases. But what if you could discover a winning strategy that would transform you into the go-to person in your niche? That’s precisely what attorney Ronnie Morton did to establish himself as the authority in elder law in Clinton, Mississippi.

In this second installment of Steve’s interview with attorney Ronnie Morton on Great Practice, Great Life®, Ronnie explains how he transformed himself into the big fish in a small pond. Although carving out a niche in a small market like his is believed to be nearly impossible by many lawyers, Ronnie managed to dominate the market for elder law in his town and is now considered the authority in Clinton.

Initially, Ronnie wanted to become a plaintiff’s attorney handling high-value cases, but that didn’t gratify him. He then transitioned to a general counsel role but realized that he needed to make a significant change around age 35. He acquired knowledge about utilizing technology to expand his business and eventually discovered the formula that helped him become the prominent figure in his town that he is today.

Ronnie used several strategies to set himself apart. The first step was establishing himself as an expert in elder law. Once he chose a specialization, he could begin implementing systems and processes to make his work more efficient. Since he enjoys using and learning about technology, Ronnie implemented technology into his methods, such as automated responses and emailing reports directly to his leads’ inboxes.

One big reason Ronnie enjoys owning his firm is his ability to spend time doing things he enjoys within his business. For instance, because he loves using technology, he employed digital marketing tools, for which he spent time learning and getting credentialed. He can opt to educate himself on things that may not be profitable but are meaningful to him personally. Ronnie teaches at a law school for a paltry salary, but he loves giving back his time to the next generation of lawyers. With his success, he’s been able to decide that what is valuable to him may not necessarily be measured in dollars.

In conclusion, carving out a niche in a small market may seem impossible, but with strategic planning and some persistence, you can transform yourself into the big fish in a small pond. Following Ronnie’s example, you can learn from your mistakes and uncover the winning formula that will help you become the go-to person in your niche.

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