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By Henry Harlow

Internet marketing can seem endlessly complex and certainly frustrating to the uninitiated. If you are not an educated consumer you can be taken to the cleaners by some well meaning (or maybe not) vendors. Maybe you did not pay a pretty price for your website and your website is not producing clients for you. A little money spent is a lot for no results. Lots of money spent with no results is worse. There are solutions for you.

  • Internet marketing is different than having a website. A website is like a billboard on a rural road – few people see it. Internet marketing is about having a process online that:
  • Pulls (through search engine optimization both on page and off page, articles, links, press releases, blogs, social networking, list serves, etc.) and pushes (pay per click advertising, banner ads, ezine ads, classified ads, etc.) business to your website
  • With your website being created in such a manner that it facilitates converting the visitor to the next step in becoming a new client for you by either calling you now or giving you their name and email address in exchange for complimentary resources you provide (articles, white papers, tools, audio downloads, complimentary teleclasses, video, no cost consultations, etc.) on your site.

Thus a website is NOT Internet marketing unless it at least has robust enough processes in place that are designed to pull/push traffic to a site and enroll the visitor into giving their name and email address or calling now. A website is just a piece of Internet marketing and all too often a useless piece if not done correctly. Most websites on the Internet are not created correctly as measured by Google PageRank of 0, 1 or 2 and/or Alexa Rank of “no rank” and thus little to no traffic. Even if they have some traffic they are not designed to convert the visitor via a marketing funnel and most wanted response (MWR) on each page to at least “prospective client” status.

In Internet marketing there are key elements necessary to be successful. The key elements necessary for a firm foundation are software generated keyword research, Middleton model navigation, SBI model content, a marketing funnel and ideally these days at least a welcome video. Going into the details of these elements is beyond the scope of this article I fear. That said I will give you a link below that can give you more details from a qualified and capable vendor I know who hopes his complimentary resources will enroll you into at least becoming a prospective client. Here is what you will find out if you click the link below and download the documents available from him:

  • Why the “right” keywords are so important in law firm Internet marketing and why you should use software to do the research.
  • How to develop your keyword “seed list.”
  • Finding/using the complimentary keyword selector tool at Wordtracker.
  • Finding/using the complimentary trial at Wordtracker to find more of your keywords.
  • A real life keyword research study for a Florida PI attorney organized in an Excel file.
  • The three options for you in doing keyword research and if you have a website now you have probably already made the worst choice in Internet marketing without knowing it.
  • Suggested Website Navigation Button Layout and why that is critical.
  • What is “behind” each button if you use this layout and why that is important in law firm Internet marketing.
  • Be sure to go to the last page of the document to get more complimentary resources and more details on the Middleton Model and the SBI Model I mentioned above.
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This article was written by an Atticus staff member.

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