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We’re excited to introduce you to a game-changing concept – the “Year-End Sprint.” No more feelings of overwhelming or impending holiday chaos; instead, picture yourself racing towards your dream vacation.

Year-End Sprint: What’s in it for you?
Supercharge Your Pipeline: Harness the power of holiday networking to pave the way for your best year ever.

Sprint with Intensity: Devote your time and energy to the highest-impact and highest dollar value activities.

Motivate and Engage Your Team: Maximize accomplishments and rally your team to extraordinary achievements.

Getting Started is Simple
Step one is to select your year’s last day, and then work backward. This sprint method is divided into three crucial segments: Pipeline, Cash Flow, and 2024 Strategic Planning – all designed to sharpen your focus and push you across the finish line.

Supercharge Your Pipeline:

  • Turbocharge your networking and marketing activities
  • Attend holiday networking events with enthusiasm
  • Reconnect with your most valuable referral sources
  • Use this opportunity to fill your 2024 pipeline while your competition is slowing down at year-end

Sprint with Intensity:

  • Concentrate on your most valuable cases, prioritizing by dollar value
  • Close as many cases as possible
  • Keep your cash flow robust through year-end

2024 Strategic Planning:

  • Set the stage for your most triumphant year
  • Collaborate with your team to craft a comprehensive marketing calendar
  • Establish revenue goals and plan for capital investments
  • Block off vacation time for 2024

This holiday season, we urge you to embrace something different. Take control of your calendar by starting with your law practice’s fiscal year-end date and work your way backward. Hit the gas while your competition hits the brakes. You’ll be astonished by what you can achieve.

Need Support for Your Year-End Sprint?
Schedule a FREE consultation TODAY! Our team is committed to helping you make the most of this season and set the stage for a prosperous 2024.

Kathleen McCoomb

Director of Marketing

Since taking on the role of Director of Marketing in 2020, Kathleen has leveraged her expertise in CRM roll-out, infrastructure build, and management, email and social media marketing, developing strategic partnerships, and event planning to drive the company’s marketing initiatives. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kathleen is dedicated to the growth and progress of her colleagues, embodying a leadership style that inspires others to succeed. Her high expectations are not only reflected in her own achievements, but also in the collective success of the team she leads.

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