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The Florida Bar and the Practice Management and Development Section have formed a partnership with Atticus®, one of the nation’s leading practice management education and training organizations for attorneys. The Bar and section will offer results-oriented programs to help members increase their income and long-term security, the company reported, as well as reduce frustration and stress, enhance their professional and personal satisfaction and achieve a more balanced life.

The programs will include “tele-classes” which, via telephone, allow attorneys to learn business management skills in the convenience of their office or home, and half- and full-day seminars, which train attorneys in client development, time management staffing and profitability.

Through the section Atticus® will offer Bar members its nationally acclaimed “Forum,” a year-long training and development program. In the style of personal trainers, Atticus® coaches work with attorneys to help restructure their practice for greater success. Atticus® reported participating lawyers throughout the country have found the program helped them dramatically change their practice from one that drains them personally and professionally to one that delivers profits.

“The partnership is an important step for our members,” said Bar President Howard Coker. “like attorneys from around the country, our members are experiencing greater stresses at the office and finding less time to spend with their families or on personal interests. We have seen that just providing more information in terms of seminars and printed material does not necessarily translate into real results,” said Coker. “We’ve partnered with Atticus® because of its focus on practical training. Atticus® has an exceptional reputation for helping attorneys find freedom from daily stresses, better balance in their lives and a sense of control over their practices. These are the results we want for our members.”

“In this competitive marketplace, it is no surprise that attorneys are working longer hours for fewer returns, the company noted. The result of this trend is high levels of stress and less time to spend with family, on community interests or on personal health. Rapidly advancing technology also is forcing attorneys to make decisions more quickly. Clients, as consumers buying any service, demand instant access to their attorney. The constant barrage of e-mail, faxes and calls lessens the time attorneys have to review documents and provide a response,” the company said.

“This life course is stressful for lawyers, who are trained to provide comprehensive, well-thought-out work, and not necessarily to focus on the business aspect of their practice. With all of these pressures, it is not unusual for many attorneys to wake up one day and have an overwhelming feeling that their lives have careened out of control, and they did not even know it was happening.”

One satisfied customer praised the company’s programs and encouraged Florida Bar members to give the company a try: “Atticus® has changed my life,” said Jim Lupino, a commercial litigator with Hershoff, Lupino, DeFoor & Gregg, PA. “I was at a stage where I could have just walked away because I didn’t enjoy practicing law anymore. I used to manage from crisis to crisis, buy now I have control over my day and can accomplish much more. I would have taken a pay cut to have more time with my family. The interesting thing is that I’ve been very successful. This is my best year.”
For almost 10 years, Atticus® has provided in-depth, ongoing training and support to help attorneys build their practices and attain long-term business and personal goals.

Through a unique needs assessment process, seminars, teleclasses, customized coaching programs and other practical tools, Atticus® has helped more than 5,000 attorneys achieve dramatic improvements in their practices and their quality of life. A nationally recognized expert in the field, Mark Powers, managing partner of Atticus®, has been featured in national publications such as Lawyers Weekly USA, Money Magazine, the ABA Journal and ABA Law Practice Management. In July, Atticus® will conduct a series of live workshops focused on increasing revenues, decreasing stress and improving the quality of life for the individual attorney.

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This article was written by an Atticus staff member.

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