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One of the best attributes of the Millennial Generation, also known as Generation Y, is that they tend to be attracted to mission-driven organizations that work to improve the lives of others. Along with rejecting the constraints of the 9 to 5 workday and the normal brick and mortar workplace (for Millennials, wherever they can access the internet becomes their office), this group wants to feel connected to a cause and engaged in meaningful work. Studies show that they’ll even pass up better paying jobs for the opportunity to work for organizations that have either adopted a cause or are driven by one.

If you want to deepen the engagement of your younger team members, and attract more of them in the future, the secret lies in helping them see how your firm helps your clients. If they only see an isolated piece of the puzzle they may not grasp the life-changing impact of an attorney’s services (of course, the impact will differ depending on your practice area).

If you want to take it a step further and adopt a charity, be sure to get input from your younger team members as well. They want to contribute and tend to highly value employers who focus on pro-social activities. So not only does the charitable cause benefit greatly from your firm’s participation, the team’s morale increases as well.


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This article was written by an Atticus staff member.

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