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In every crisis there resides opportunity. The following tips point to opportunities for acquiring new staff as well as protecting highly productive team members.

  1. Keep your star income producers happy during this time. Studies show that most people don’t leave a “job.” Star performers tend to leave because of a difficult work situation, problems working with a co-worker, or interactions with a bad boss. Keep in mind that if the talent does leave, this time period is a great opportunity to acquire new talent inexpensively.
  2. If you have to make a cut in staff do it sooner rather than later. Once you’ve made the cut, take steps to reassure the team you think that’s all the cutting you’ll have to do – otherwise they’ll be preoccupied making contingency plans in case they are next.
  3. Use your team’s downtime to develop policies and procedures manuals with job descriptions. It’s a good opportunity to do this often neglected kind of work.
  4. Ask your team what kinds of routine matters you can offload from your clients to allow them to spend more time on their core business. This is an area where you may find opportunities for expanded services and value-added business.
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This article was written by an Atticus staff member.

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