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Meek individuals don’t form law firms – it’s often those with strong opinions and big personalities who take the risk. So when it comes to leading firm retreats we train our Practice Advisors on all the sticky issues that accompany typical partnerships: compensation problems, succession planning difficulties, cash flow and profitability issues, resistance to client development and any number of staffing issues. There are very few problems that can arise in a law firm that we haven’t dealt with at some point in time. With this knowledge, and experience, we can customize a retreat to fit just what a law firm needs.

We also bring experience in dealing with the firmly-held and sometimes radically different perspectives of the partners when the problems are simple, but the personalities are at odds. Here’s how we do it: Prior to the retreat, each shareholder in the firm is interviewed confidentially to determine hidden problems and issues in addition to the initially acknowledged ones. These are then crafted into an agenda and presented to the partnership for approval.

Prior to the meeting, an agenda is distributed which includes the key issues and objectives.

At the retreat, the Atticus® Practice Advisor works to set a level of openness and honesty –candor is encouraged at every opportunity. The Practice Advisor offers guidance, insights, and training on the subject areas that are being discussed. Often their input and different viewpoint will inspire creative ideas from the attorneys and help the shareholders think “outside the box.”

To amp up the effectiveness of the retreat, objectives are defined and quantified whenever possible. Responsibilities, accountability, and timelines are set for key tasks. The effort does not end when the retreat is over. The Practice Advisor will help keep the tasks on time by keeping tabs on the efforts and participants. They will serve as point person to make certain the firm is achieving its strategic goals.

To discuss the possibility of engaging an Atticus® Practice Advisor to help you with your retreat please call 352-383-0490 or toll free at 888-644-0022.

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This article was written by an Atticus staff member.

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