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More self-care? Spending time with family and friends? Taking six months off of work? Traveling the world?

Big or small, no matter your dream, we are here to help. As a lawyer, we understand that having a work-life balance can be difficult and even non-existent at times. Not only is there consistent work that needs to be done in your firm, but so many people rely on you.

We understand that you want to do the best work for your clients but we don’t want you to do that at the expense of your health or personal time. In fact, overworking can lead to burnout, fatigue, and other health problems. So how do you find balance, provide excellent work, and still live that dream life that you have always wanted? Read on to find out more.

Here are some ways that you can cultivate a great practice and a great life – all while establishing boundaries, balance, and self-care:
1. Be thankful – surround yourself with positive friends, family and mentors. Focus on people that energize you, support you, and build you up. Be thankful for those who are on your team and make it a priority to appreciate or write down what you are thankful for every day. Being thankful shines a new light on life and can point you in the direction that you want to go.

2. Self-care – this topic of self-care can include a wide array of topics. Self-care means different things to different people. Here are some ways you can utilize self-care in your daily routine: make space for personal time, take care of your health, make time for family and friends, set boundaries such as not checking emails when you have a day off, and listen to your body when it tells you it needs a break.

3. Establish balance – balance as a lawyer consists of not being overly stressed, learning how and when to delegate to a team that is trustworthy, stepping away from social media and digital platforms when needed, and setting limits on when you work. Giving yourself balance creates new opportunities and the ability to take steps towards your dream life.

4. Work smarter, not harder – overworking doesn’t mean that you are going to do it all. In fact, it may cause a setback due to burnout and fatigue. So what does working smarter mean? It means being more efficient in both your personal and professional life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Hire an assistant, delegate, invest in a cleaning service or childcare for your children.

As you dream about this life that you want, now is the time to start creating it. By building a great team, you can delegate and start leaning on your staff. Asking for help can mean childcare, a house cleaner, or a babysitter while you take time for yourself. By divvying out tasks and assignments, you can now focus on your dream life. Take the first step today and commit to a great practice and a great life.

Abbie Guerrero

Assistant Marketing Manager/Resource Advisor

Abbie joined the Atticus team in 2021 with more than a decade of digital marketing experience. She is results driven and has an extensive background in content creation, lead generation, understanding the customer development process, solving problems, and advertising. She is an expert at building relationships and sets high quality expectations. She loves to set and exceed personal and professional goals.

Abbie is currently the Resource Advisor for Atticus livestream webinars and workshops. In addition to her Resource Advisor role, she is the Assistant Marketing Manager. In this role she leads the strategy for digital marketing, creates content for weekly newsletters, all advertising campaigns and executes many ad hoc marketing projects.

Abbie has her bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Utah Valley University. She is a blogger and published author and enjoys spending time with her family in both Utah and California.

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