Thank you for registering for our 90-minute workshop on January 18th, “The Power Hour and Profitability – Time Management Strategies for Your Law Firm” where Lori Pulvermacher talked about the impact of saying “no” and the high cost of interruptions. She also discussed being proactive in your planning and shifting your mindset so you and your team can work together to minimize interruptions. An efficient way to minimize interruptions is through sprints, the power hour, and the Pomodoro Method which was discussed in the workshop.

Attached you will find five worksheets and the PowerPoint slides that were used in the workshop.
Here are the following worksheets:

The Law Office Interruptions Log allows you to list out what the interruptions are so you can create and control barriers and set boundaries. The Question Batching Form is where your team can capture questions and comments so you can look at the form when you are available. The Daily Focuser is a word document so you can update and edit the form and plan and customize your day. The Time Template Worksheet gives you a starting point when it comes to creating new habits and time blocking. We also attached an example so you can see how this worksheet is used.

We hope that you had the chance to attend this workshop or watch the recording so you can learn more about where you focus your time and how to stay on track.

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We look forward to seeing you in the near future!

Workshop materials:


Lori Pulvermacher

Practice Advisor

Lori brings a rich and unique set of skills to help lawyers grow their businesses. Her experience includes coaching attorneys, law firm management, operations, marketing, sales and client delivery. Lori is organized, adaptable, creative, and analytical – and at the same time, is a professional with strong interpersonal skills. She is a master at networking and building strong relationships.