Thank you for registering for our, “Law Firm Hiring – Strategies to Attract and Retain Talent” webinar on March 2nd. In this webinar, Josh provided an in-depth webinar on how hiring affects the financial and cultural aspects of your business, analyzing your own staff and processes, and staffing systems.

Josh discussed reasons to hire, who to hire, and what to do before you hire. If you would like to do a deep-dive into hiring systems and how to use the DISC assessment to attract great talent, Josh will be teaching our 90-minute workshop on March 22, “The Benefits of a Good Hiring System – How to Use the DISC Assessment to Attract Great Talent.”

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Hiring is a journey and takes time. It is a process and a long-term strategy. We have provided you with a copy of the recording as well as Josh’s slides and the worksheets that were discussed in the webinar. Feel free to download them and use them as you see fit.

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There were a few unanswered questions in the webinar that we did not have time to discuss. Please see the questions and Josh’s answers below.

Question: With the People, Task, and Detail triangle slide – what is the difference between task and detail?
Answer: For me, using the triangle is a way for me to evaluate the candidate without having to put in writing what I experienced, felt or saw. As such, a people oriented person is generally going to be outgoing and can handle conflict quite well. This type of person in my opinion can handle transitions without missing a step and does not come across rude or intrusive. This person is most likely going to have a decent amount of “I” in their DISC profile. A detail oriented person is generally very structured. If you ask about their ideal day, they will have the entire day planned out from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep. This person will often have a medium to high “C” in their profile. This is important for a position where the person is going to operate independently and you will need full confidence to delegate. A Task oriented person is often the person that if you ask what they did over the weekend, they will have completed a project from A-Z, or if you ask about their perfect day at the office they will describe completing a project before going home. This person is likely going to take work home with them or stay late until the project is finished. This person will often have a mid to high “D” in their DISC. Of course we recommend having every candidate take a DISC behavioral profile test and the Atticus Build My Great Team® hiring program does provide for that assistance, however, I like to test myself on my ability to analyze someone’s DISC first to help me be a better manager and use the triangle to self evaluate.

Question: With a low unemployment rate and limited pool of applicants, how wise is it to request the situational interview?
Answer: This is a tricky question as there is no doubt we have a shortage in candidates but following the “Hire Slow, Fire Fast” standard, we know that a “bad” hire can cost a lot more than money and can destroy a good work culture, therefore, I would expedite the situational interview if you have to but I wouldn’t skip it.

Question: With the KOLBE Assessment, would it be a better investment to do the DISC, or should I do both?
Answer: In the marketplace, there are several different types of personality tests etc., KOLBE, Myers-Briggs, Strength Finders, the 5 Love Languages, Appreciation Styles, but in our opinion at Atticus, we feel that DISC is the only one that really amalgamates all of the other tests into one. If you are only going to use one, we feel that you learn the most about a candidate from just the DISC but there is no right or wrong way to do it. Our goal is merely to make sure that you are evaluating how well the candidate will fit in with you current culture and how well the candidates natural behavioral profile fits the role you are trying to fill. If you feel KOLBE gives you that level of insight, than I am not going to try to persuade you otherwise at this point.

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Josh Dorcey

Adjunct Practice Advisor and Attorney

Josh Dorcey is the founder and managing partner of Dorcey Law Firm, PLC, a Florida based firm focusing on Estate Planning, Business Planning and Asset Protection. Josh started Dorcey Law in the recession of 2007 and in the past 15 years has grown the firm from being a solo practice to 12 attorneys (8 full time and 4 of counsel), and 42 staff members. The firm’s revenue exceeded $4.5 million in 2021, where his personal rainmaking and collections have exceeded $2million each year since 2019.