Thank you for registering for our 90-minute workshop on June 20th, “Strategic Referrals – Marketing for Lawyers” where Aaron Rothert discussed why lawyers struggle with building relationships, why they want referred clients and strategies to address this business skill.

The potential payoff of referral marketing is huge. Investing time, building a process and developing your skills are important when it comes to creating an evergreen marketing process. It is important to maintain this process so you can continue to see the fruits of your labor.

Aaron discussed mindset as well as ways to measure, how to ask, what to say and who is worth investing in when it comes to your referral marketing process. He also provided ways to create your Practice Focus Statement™ so you can quickly tell others who you are and what you do.

Attached you will find a copy of the slides, as well as the two worksheets that Aaron discussed in the workshop – The Referable Lawyer Mindset and The Referable Lawyer Scorecard. Feel free to print out and use as-needed.

Are you doing great legal work but not getting any new clients? Today’s topic on referral marketing is a great opportunity for us to introduce you to our Rainmakers program. You’ll gain strategies on marketing and referral relationships as well as time management, focusing and prioritization. Many of our fundamental Atticus methodologies are incorporated into this program.

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Aaron Rothert

Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney

Aaron Rothert, Certified Practice Advisor, is an attorney, a former instructor for the Internal Revenue Service, and has worked with the State Attorney’s Office in Florida.