Thank you for joining us on July 27th for part three of our four-part series on law firm culture. In this webinar, “Building a Strong Law Firm Culture Part 3: Cultivating a Championship Team” Denise and Aaron discussed the topic of building a great team.

This webinar focused on ways to build a championship team, how to see hiring as an investment, creating a profit center, and shifting your mindset. They discussed four strategies to building a high-performance team, attributes of a championship team, and the three C’s (with an additional one).

Below you will find a copy of the slides that were used as well as the worksheet. Feel free to print for your records.

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Denise Gamez

Practice Growth Diagnostic Advisor & Director of Member Services

Denise is a well-respected practice growth advisor, speaker, and blog writer. She has committed the past ten years to help attorneys grow their practices in a sustainable and intentional way using Atticus coaching processes. She has worked with hundreds of solo and small firm attorneys across the United States and Canada to diagnose issues in their practice holding them back from growth and satisfaction.

Aaron Rothert

Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney

Aaron Rothert, Certified Practice Advisor, is an attorney, a former instructor for the Internal Revenue Service, and has worked with the State Attorney’s Office in Florida.