Thank you for your participation and the vulnerability you showed in our workshop on Friday, May 10. We are grateful each of you were engaged and came to the program with a growth mindset. Our goal was to set you on (or reestablish) your Path to a Great Practice and a Great Life. We hope we did just that!

1. Please find the presentation along with the worksheets we utilized below.

2. You can replay/listen to the recording of the workday here, however, please note that it will be removed and no longer accessible on or after June 21st.

3. Link to the My Great Life™ Planner:

4. I’ve also included the links below to the three Great Practice. Great Life. podcasts that we recommended during the workshop.

5. If you are in a program or are working with a practice advisor, please email them your complete 30-day focus and Income Booster worksheets.

Workshop materials:


Valerie Peterson

Chief Executive Officer of Atticus

Valerie is the Chief Executive Officer of Atticus, LLC. Prior to joining Atticus, Valerie served as the Chief Executive Officer of ElderCounsel, LLC.