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A hectic schedule and multiple commitments can make you feel like you’ll never get ahead of the game. It just never feels like are enough hours in the day or time to work on your business. You’d love to take back control of your life and your schedule.

Marketing can be a powerful tool in building a business where you decide what types of clients and cases you take. While it isn’t taught in law school, learning how to market and brand your business can go a long way toward creating the thriving law practice you’ve dreamed of.

Brenda Geiger is making her great life work for her and her business. Her firm, Geiger Law, is based in Carlsbad, California, and focuses primarily on estate planning and administration. Brenda has always loved writing and is a genius at using her books as marketing devices. She is a busy business owner, attorney, wife, and mom, but Brenda’s one hour a week of writing time is non-negotiable in her schedule.

In this episode, you’ll hear Brenda share how she became an attorney, how she established a marketing machine using the books she authored, and the role her team plays in writing and updating her books. She also shares why writing is her favorite marketing medium.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Brenda Geiger’s background, her busy family schedule, and how she juggles it with her successful law practice
  • How losing her father at 19 caused her to drop out of college, why her aunt encouraged her to get back to school, and how she ended up in law school
  • How Brenda’s practice began and her marketing methodology
  • Her marketing brand, how she established it, and how she turned her books into marketing tools
  • Brenda’s process for writing a book and keeping them updated with new editions and why her team plays a significant role in the process
  • Why just one hour a week of writing plays a huge role in marketing her firm
  • Why writing is her favorite form of marketing and events a close second
  • A slow season in a cyclical practice is a great time to plan marketing events
  • What she loves the most about running her own practice
  • The advice Brenda would give to her younger self and the one business skill she’d tell young Brenda to learn
  • The reason you should be intentionally learning your referral sources’ preferences and organizing that information to use it
  • Her tips for time management when you have a busy schedule

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