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I’m sure by now you have heard of a “laser talk” or an “elevator pitch” but how does this relate to your profession as an attorney and law firm owner?

According to the ABA, there are more than 1.3 million attorneys in the United States. As you can imagine, differentiating yourself is key in a competitive industry. Most likely you have been asked the question, “What do you do?” and if you haven’t been able to come up with a short summary to answer that question (something besides “I’m an attorney”), now is the time.

“Attorneys who can’t explain who they help, how they help them, and what’s unique about their practice in 30 seconds miss out on referrals. It’s that simple.”

Clients are looking for an attorney who can solve their problem in a direct and specific way. Here at Atticus, we offer coaching, webinars, workshops, and worksheets that assist with defining your laser talk. A laser talk is a short and compelling statement that is less than two minutes long and describes the backbone of your business. It accurately defines who you are, who you help, and what you do.

By defining your laser talk, you are prioritizing the type of client that you want to work with, you are specific in the type of work that you do, all while offering a powerful, and highly-focused mantra. If your law practice consists of referrals, this is a great way to describe what you do to friends, family, and your community.
As we put together a laser talk, you can take into consideration the acronym “EPIC”
E: Engage
P: Problem
I: Inform
C: Call-to-Action

The first step in defining your laser talk is being specific on who you are. This is part of the “E” in “EPIC” where we want to engage the audience. This is the first sentence that your audience will hear, so, as you describe yourself, it should be short, to the point, but also creative.

Examples include:
– I am a combat attorney. I fight your battles for you
– I am a recovering litigator
– I am the hardhat attorney

Who you help is defining the problem which is the “P” in “EPIC”.
Examples include:
– I work with good people who find themselves in bad situations
– I help people acquire the American Dream
– I help employers when their employees go bad

The next step is taking the problem and adding on a solution. While you are doing this, you are also defining what you do. This is the “I” in “EPIC.”
– I help people protect their wealth and pass it on to their children intact
– I am known for helping clients get the results they want
– I break people’s legs legally

As you start to put together your laser talk, you can also add in specific benefits when it comes to using your firm and what makes your firm unique:
– I am in the transformation business
– We have 120 years of combined experience to draw upon
– We have been in existence longer than any other firm in this area
– What’s unique about me is that I am a business owner just like most of my clients

Your final laser talk could look something like this:
I am a combat attorney. If you are a veteran or military member, I fight your battles for you. I am known for helping clients get the results they want and my law practice has 120 years of combined experience. Are you currently in the military?

It’s important that you practice your laser talk so you are prepared at any moment. The more that you practice, the more you can hear how it sounds and make adjustments as needed. We hope this was helpful in kickstarting the process and look forward to hearing your final pitch.

Abbie Guerrero

Assistant Marketing Manager/Resource Advisor

Abbie joined the Atticus team in 2021 with more than a decade of digital marketing experience. She is results driven and has an extensive background in content creation, lead generation, understanding the customer development process, solving problems, and advertising. She is an expert at building relationships and sets high quality expectations. She loves to set and exceed personal and professional goals.

Abbie is currently the Resource Advisor for Atticus livestream webinars and workshops. In addition to her Resource Advisor role, she is the Assistant Marketing Manager. In this role she leads the strategy for digital marketing, creates content for weekly newsletters, all advertising campaigns and executes many ad hoc marketing projects.

Abbie has her bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Utah Valley University. She is a blogger and published author and enjoys spending time with her family in both Utah and California.

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