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Mark PowersAre you stuck in your marketing efforts? Listen in as Mark Powers gives you a “Kick In the Pants” to get you moving in your marketing.

What are the keys to successful marketing? You’ll hear the following discussed on the call:

  • 5 key principles for marketing
  • 21 assets for rainmaking
  • Action items for your first quarter rainmaking

What are the top marketing efforts for your firm? Mark also shares these on the call.

You will also hear from three attorneys in various practice areas who share their most successful rainmaking tip from last year.

Additional Resources

How Good Attorneys Become Great Rainmakers – written by Mark Powers & Shawn McNalis and based on over 20 years’ experience working with attorneys – this book contains the 21 Assets and 5 Habits that Mark discusses on the call.

Atticus Rainmakers®

Atticus Rainmakers® is a structured methodology for consistently getting new clients. It works because it relies on a winning marketing plan customized to your personality and Mark’s commitment to your long-term client development success. The program is designed to accommodate the different needs of each attorney while providing the ingredients necessary to execute the plan effectively.

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