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Nora Riva BergmanNora Bergman and Regina Olbinsky, Atticus® Practice Advisors, led our Graduate Network call on Holiday Marketing.

Before you know it, the holidays will be upon us. In addition to their spiritual significance, we see them as a chance to express sincere appreciation for the referrals you’ve gotten throughout the year and an opportunity to deepen referral relationships for the future. The many parties and special events give you the perfect chance to meet old friends and greet those who could become new friends.

Regina D. Olbinsky, Certified Practice AdvisorBut most of you will be left behind if you don’t start planning immediately. Depending on your goals for the season, there may be parties to plan and gifts to be bought – all things which require a little preparation in advance.

Read the article Make the Most of Your Marketing During the Holidays by Mark Powers & Shawn McNalis.

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