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By Judi Craig, Ph.D. MCC

article-the-law-firm-retreatDo you react to the announcement of the yearly firm retreat with less than excitement?

Kind of like, “Oh no, not another one!” Worse still, do you usually leave the retreat feeling that you’ve just wasted a perfectly good day or two?

Or perhaps you’ve had a different experience: You enjoyed yourself, had some pleasant down-time with your colleagues, ate some good food (probably too much!)—maybe even came away with a few good ideas. But reality hit when you walked into your office the next day to a full in-basket and poof!—all those good ideas were put aside for “when I have some time to do something with them.” Then a few months later, the materials covered with the dust of benign neglect, you searched for something you vaguely remembered, but couldn’t find it. If you did find it, you looked at those great notes you wrote next to the major points but couldn’t read your own writing.


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This article was written by an Atticus staff member.

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