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Steve Riley, Certified Practice Advisor/Shareholder One of the most difficult decisions facing any attorney today is whether or not to stay in the practice area where they’ve built their career. Market forces, economic conditions, firm changes, or quality of life issues can dictate the need to transition one’s practice. Once the decision is made, there are definite pitfalls you’ll want to avoid – most importantly, making the change without thoroughly planning. This should include a careful evaluation of the market for your services, the amount of training and experience you have in your new field, the services you can offer versus the established competition, the potential risks and the value or relevance of your current referral network in your new field. It’s important that you’re making the change for all the right reasons and getting good guidance to make a successful transition.

Steve Riley led the discussion and talked with Connie Bauswell, David Rebein and Jan Copley on how they successfully transitioned practice areas.


Connie Bauswell began her career in litigation. Over the years, she has realized that the more collaborative nature of elder law and estate planning provide her with a greater sense of personal satisfaction. Connie is committed to treating all of her clients with the respect and personal attention they deserve. Because Connie is no longer a “jack of all trades” she can focus on the practice areas that most interest her, allowing her to provide her clients a higher quality of service. As a result of the business model that she has followed, Connie enjoys more control over her schedule and what cases she takes and is a much happier lawyer.

David J. Rebein was born and raised in Dodge City, Kansas. He received his B.A. from Washburn University and went on to attend law school at the University of Kansas. He was admitted to the bar in 1980. He is currently a partner in the law firm of Rebein Bangerter Rebein, PA. David is a trial lawyer specializing in personal injury.

Jan Copley. In addition to being a Certified Atticus® Practice Advisor, Jan Copley is an attorney who has worked in both large and small law firms for twenty-nine years. In 1993 she established her own firm, built it into a profitable law practice and successfully sold the practice.

Today, Jan has dedicated herself to supporting attorneys in taking control of their practices and their lives. She specializes in coaching attorneys from estate planning and bankruptcy firms along with partners who are committed to transitioning or selling their practices.

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