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Join Steve as he continues his discussion with attorney Rory Clark, a seasoned professional who knows a thing or two about resilience and strategic growth. 

On this episode of Great Practice, Great Life®, Steve and Rory touch on a fascinating paradox of growth through elimination and subtraction, exploring how Rory has strategically removed certain aspects of his life and practice to enable expansion. Rory shares how he’s exercised courage and navigated false hope, managing to execute necessary endings and pivot towards a more holistic business model. His unique approach to time management – saying no to certain things to allow room to say yes to others – offers a fresh perspective on work-life balance.

Steve and Rory also explore practical ways to create growth in a law firm, from leveraging non-attorney staff to developing an effective pre-education process for clients. Listen in as they examine how to attract higher-paying clients and improve your initial consultation process. They then transition into a deeper discussion on the importance of having a clear, purposeful vision and starting with the end in mind. Steve and Rory share the significance of removing ego from the equation and how this can pave the way for successful outcomes.

Their conversation doesn’t stop there. Rory shares advice on setting boundaries and creating an environment conducive to success. They discuss the power of group coaching and gaining perspective outside their own. To wrap things up, they reflect on Rory’s journey over the past decade, emphasizing the importance of recognizing achievement and expressing gratitude. 

Through it all, Rory’s story is an encouraging reminder that sometimes, saying no can be the key to growth and greatness.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Rory Clark’s unique strategy of growth through strategic elimination in businesses and his approach to work-life balance by saying “no” to create room for “yes”
  • How to leverage non-attorney staff for better productivity and the importance of a pre-education process to help clients understand their legal issues better
  • The necessity of setting boundaries and creating a success-driven environment in a law firm, and the importance of recognizing achievements and expressing gratitude
  • Rory Clark’s strategy of “multiplying growth through elimination and investment,” focusing on necessary endings and investing in capacity
  • How to improve the initial consultation process in a law firm by reducing workload, leveraging non-attorney staff, and developing a pre-education process
  • The value of having a purposeful vision and beginning with the end in mind, removing ego from the equation, and empowering and trusting the team
  • Setting boundaries and creating an environment for success, leveraging group coaching, and the power of external perspectives

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Steve Riley

Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney

Steve Riley has coached attorneys for more than 20 years. His one-on-one coaching focuses on a limited number of top producing attorneys committed to taking their practices to new levels of excellence, profit, and personal success. He also presents at group coaching workshops around the country for individual law firms, state bar associations, and other legal organizations.

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