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The quality of your practice is dictated by two things, the quality of your clients and the quality of your staff. While we’ve talked a lot about the quality of your clients, we’re going to take time now to talk about the quality of your team. We have just completed our third book, Hire Slow, Fire Fast: A Lawyer’s Guide to Building a High Performance Team. In it, we share tips and techniques on profitability, productivity and the best use of your staff.

On this recording we cover the following issues:

  • The secrets to finding and selecting high performance team members.
  • How to tell when a team member should be let go.
  • The three things every new candidate has to have to survive in your firm.
  • How to increase the performance level of your team members

PDF of the presentation


Mark Powers & Shawn McNalis

Mark Powers & Shawn McNalis

Mark Powers, President of Atticus, has been coaching attorneys for nearly thirty years. He is the founder and developer of the first personalized training program dedicated to teaching attorneys the lasting skills and habits necessary for practice development. These skills include strategic planning, client development, customer service, prioritization, time blocking, managing interruptions, financial management, staffing, and delegation… [read more]

Shawn McNalis, Atticus Curriculum Director and Practice Advisor Trainer, is a former Imagineer with the Walt Disney Company and credits her 15-year career with Disney for her creative, collaborative approach to advising attorneys. In partnership with Mark Powers for 20 years, Shawn is a senior practice advisor, director of curriculum, and a trainer for Atticus… [read more]

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