Thank you for joining Patrick Wilson on September 12th for the, “Understanding the Value of Your Time – Practical Time Management Strategies For the Busy Lawyer” Workshop.

At the beginning of the workshop, Patrick discussed legal skills and business skills and how our focus here at Atticus is on business skills, while law school and CLE’s sharpen your legal skills. Both are vital in building and creating a successful business. The four business skills combined will allow you freedom and control over your practice. If you are an attorney who feels out of control, your business skills will be your way out.

The main topic of this workshop was the learned business skill of time management. Patrick discussed ways to make room for other important items in your day and determine priorities to make your day run smoothly. He also spoke about interruptions, the Power Hour, how to use the Atticus Daily Focuser™, and how to make your day productive.

He made recommendations for those who are self-interrupters, shared how to prioritize time off and loved ones, and the under-appreciation of time off. He talked about how marketing and time management go hand-in-hand. Make a dramatic difference in your marketing by adjusting your daily habits.

“Transition time is wasted time. When we go from one activity to another, we are busy but not productive. Being busy is not the same as being productive.” –Patrick

Attached you will find the PowerPoint slides as well as the worksheets that were discussed in the workshop.

Resources and tools that were mentioned in the workshop:

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Patrick Wilson

Certified Practice Advisor & Attorney

Atticus recruited Patrick Wilson from the practice of law in order to share his unique insights with other attorneys who need support in their growth and development process. As a member of the Florida and federal bars, he gained extensive knowledge while practicing with a wide range of firms, including large full-service offices, a small boutique, and a solo practice. As a result of his Atticus training and past litigation experience, he is a powerful coach and speaker.