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What is the value of a coach?

Atticus Certified Practice Advisors are highly skilled, experienced coaches who solve problems.

Working with a coach means having someone you can trust to hold you accountable to achieving your goals. Your coach has a non-biased viewpoint of your practice’s operations and provides fast and effective solutions to difficulties that you would not have typically developed on your own.

You’ll have access to just-in-time coaching to help you triage unexpected issues that arise, including:

  • Compensation issues
  • Partners leaving
  • Mergers

Atticus has designed a complete and proven set of systems that apply to any size law firm from solo practitioners to large firms. Your coach will help you implement these systems that will transform your practice to the next level and serve your life.

The coaching process is an on-going partnership that includes guidance and direction, training, regular follow-up and accountability. The coach is analogous to a golf pro that understands the terrain of the golf course, the fundamentals of the game, and knows how to teach you the basics of the game or how to advance your game. Like the golf pro, the coach stays with you as your game improves and ensures that you learn the basic skills to win on a regular basis. But, just as a golf pro is not for everyone who plays golf, an Atticus Practice Advisor is not for every attorney. You must have defined goals to accomplish, be frustrated with your current situation, committed to succeeding, and willing to do what it takes to move your practice to the next level of success.

Attorneys who use a coach work to first get the practice and their priorities into clear focus. This often entails a mission statement, 10 year, 5 year, and 1 year goals in the areas of fun, adventure, health, family, community, retirement, spirituality and finance. This is what Stephen Covey would call “putting first things first.” Atticus has found that unless one’s personal mission and goals are laid out on paper, the practice of law will dictate and control your life.

Using practical real-world tips and techniques, the coach works with you to navigate the daily frustrations of operating a law practice and helps you implement the systems that will provide the control you need to transform your practice to a new level. The coach will regularly strategize with you to ensure that you don’t get blind-sided or miss exceptional opportunities.

Practice Advisor

Lori Pulvermacher

Practice Advisor

Lori brings a rich and unique set of skills to help lawyers grow their businesses. Her experience includes coaching attorneys, law firm management, operations, marketing, sales and client delivery. Lori is organized, adaptable, creative, and analytical – and at the same time, is a professional with strong interpersonal skills. She is a master at networking and building strong relationships.

Are you a candidate for coaching?

Email us through our secure contact form or call us at (888) 644-0022 to arrange a free consultation and find out.

Meet our Coaches

The right coach is worth their weight in gold, and you’ll have the best in the legal profession.

Having a knowledgeable, experienced coach is one of the biggest competitive advantages you can have. Coaching keeps you focused on the most leveraged actions, guides you through difficult challenges, and speeds up your ability to produce important results.

Glenn Gutek
Patrick Wilson
Vincent Bonazzoli
Regina D. Olbinsky
Nora Riva Bergman
Daniel Struna
Aaron Rothert
Gary Holstein
Michael Hammond
Cammie Hauser
Glenn Finch
Mark Powers
Shawn McNalis
Steve Riley

Client Reviews

Reviews and testimonials from real Atticus clients about the benefits and positive changes experienced from our coaching services.

I have attended two [Atticus Programs] in Orlando and was very impressed with the structure of the seminars. Although the workshops were intense, I found the material and the coaches to be extremely thought-provoking and the time moved quickly. Your identification of the significant issues facing attorneys, both professionally and personally, is right on point and certainly resonated with me and my associates. We are excited to continue implementing your recommendations and to further our partnership with Atticus.

Wade Adams

I found [Atticus] both uplifting and informative. I wish I had gone to such a seminar when I first started out. What amazed me was it is not too late! I am going to implement many of the suggestions I learned from [Atticus]. Thank you so much! I would encourage any practitioner, whether just starting out – or having practiced for years, to attend your seminar. There's definitely something there for everyone.

Elaine A. Barbour

The lessons I learned from [Atticus] are already making a difference. My days are much less stressful, and I feel like I am in control of my practice for the first time in several years. I'm happier. My law partner is happier. My staff is happier, and my wife is happier. Although my practice is not yet where I want it to be, I am on the road to that destination. After attending the [Atticus Program], I finally have a clear map for the path ahead. My only regret is that I didn’t attend years earlier.

John Primeau Butler & Primeau

I believe that if I implement the principals I learned at Atticus, Atticus will prove to be a life-changing experience. I have been trying to block time, attend marketing events, lunches, etc... and just improve every aspect of my practice. I have been going home on time and I have been much more productive at the office. I have been establishing and rekindling relationships with attorneys and other professionals who will be referring quality business to my office.

David Shuler Shuler Law Firm, LLC

The [Atticus Program] was a truly eye-opening and transforming experience. The systematic, common sense approach employed by the presenters opened up a sense of possibility to the notion that the practice of law can be, and should be, both a learned profession and a profitable entrepreneurial venture.

Karl Burgunder

Common Questions

How do I get the most out my calls with my Practice Advisor? + -

In our experience, blocking off 10 minutes before — and at least 5 minutes after — your coaching session can help you tremendously in implementing what you’ve learned. If you take the time to complete a Coaching Clarity Exercise™ prior to the call, you will have the clarity and the ability to focus on what you want out of the call. Those who complete the exercise will have a far more productive outcome from their private coaching sessions. After the call, if you take another five minutes to collect your thoughts and decide on the action steps out of the call, then you’ll be happier with your results.

Will my Practice Advisor visit my office? + -

Usually our engagement is limited to working with you through your private coaching calls. Some clients have found that hiring their Practice Advisor to conduct private staff training sessions, webinars, and on-site retreats is exceptionally rewarding. There is an additional investment for these services, which you can discuss with your Practice Advisor or our client services team.

How are my private coaching sessions scheduled? + -

You and your Practice Advisor will schedule calls together. Some Practice Advisors utilize online scheduling systems while others use personal assistants. Subsequent calls will typically be scheduled by your Practice Advisor during your coaching call one call in advance. Please have your calendar accessible during your call to streamline the scheduling process.

If you need to reschedule, contact your Practice Advisor or their assistant. Practice Advisors will do their best to accommodate rescheduling. However, your results are dependent upon your commitment to the program. Please respect your time and ours by making these calls a priority.

What happens if I go on vacation? + -

Vacations are necessary and encouraged. Please notify your Practice Advisor and their scheduling assistant of any upcoming vacations. We can schedule around most vacations and continue to provide you with the support and assistance you expect while allowing for necessary time away from the office. In the case of an extended vacation, please discuss arrangements in advance with your Practice Advisor.

What if I miss a private coaching session or have a client emergency? + -

We do everything we can to accommodate an emergency or missed private coaching session. We understand that practice emergencies arise, and rescheduling becomes necessary. If you need to reschedule, follow the instructions provided by your Practice Advisor. Since we do not bill hourly or per call, if you miss a private coaching session, cancel at the last minute, or cancel because you are not prepared, your investment for the call will not be reduced, credited, or refunded.

Can I cancel at any time? + -

You are in control of how long you work with your Practice Advisor. We do not require long term contracts or commitments. We request at least 30 days written notice if you want to stop.

How do I pay? + -

We understand that you are running a business, so we offer two options for budgeting for our services. You may make annual payments in advance or monthly payments in advance for the upcoming month’s services. For example, you would pay for January’s private coaching sessions during the first week of January. The exact terms are usually set forth in your Atticus Practice Advisor Agreement.

When can I expect to see results? + -

Your results will depend on the goals you set and your commitment to achieving them. At times you will find yourself moving quickly toward a goal and at other times progress might seem impossible. For a typical client, we see progress within the first three months of coaching. There are many factors that impact your ability to implement change. In our experience, while it sometimes feels slow, painful, and frustrating at the beginning, once you gain momentum, it will be hard to stop you!

Can I refer you to a colleague? + -

If you know someone who would benefit from our services, we would love to schedule a Practice Growth Diagnostic™ to determine how we can best support them. You may make referrals directly to your Practice Advisor, send an email to, or send the person to our web page about the Practice Growth Diagnostic™ here:

Can I also be in the Practice Growth Program® or Dominate Your Market® while working with my Practice Advisor? + -

Yes! There is nothing quite as powerful as participating in one of our group coaching programs while also working individually with a Practice Advisor. This combination provides the greatest level of learning, accountability, and velocity of growth. If you are interested, we encourage you to discuss this approach with both your Practice Advisor and a member of our client services team.

What if I don’t like my Practice Advisor? + -

While we work diligently to match you with an Advisor whose skills are relevant to your needs, we understand that occasionally the relationship doesn’t feel right or work well for you. You can inform your Practice Advisor or a member of our client services team, and they will help you select a different Practice Advisor to best fit your needs.


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