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What does it take to change from an unfocused college student into a successful trial lawyer specializing in traumatic brain injury cases?

On this episode of Great Practice, Great Life, Steve explores Robert Hoover’s remarkable story, shaped by family influences and early experiences with prominent trial lawyers. Bob shares the pivotal moments that made him a leading figure in his field, illustrating the importance of intentionality in balancing professional and personal growth.

Bob’s career path wasn’t always smooth. Bob faced numerous obstacles, from a return to his family firm in 1999 to professional and personal struggles in Aspen. Despite those challenges, his story is about resilience and finding your true calling. By 2013, with the help of a career counselor, he discovered his passion as a plaintiff’s lawyer. We discuss how a supportive environment and modern management practices enabled Bob to rebuild his career, eventually leading his firm through a digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bob offers advice on effective marketing, networking, and maintaining work-life balance. Steve and Bob delve into the practicalities of modernizing a law firm, including implementing case management systems and optimizing workload to avoid burnout.

Bob’s advice encourages young lawyers to trust their instincts and focus on their strengths. It offers a roadmap to a fulfilling career while sidestepping unnecessary detours.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Robert Hoover’s path from an unfocused student to a leading trial lawyer specializing in traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases
  • Pivotal moments and influences that shaped Bob’s career
  • Bob’s challenging career transitions and finding fulfillment as a plaintiff’s lawyer
  • The modernization efforts Bob implemented in his firm to enhance efficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Practical marketing strategies for lawyers, emphasizing intentional networking and building robust referral sources
  • Maintaining work-life balance and avoiding burnout through effective workload management and personal well-being strategies
  • Bob’s advice for young lawyers, encouraging them to trust their instincts, pursue their passions, and build a career aligned with their calling

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